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Count your blessings, not your problems.

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IG Bruna Marquezine: Love Today is a very special day for you, the day you get to live one of their biggest dreams and I'm very happy that I get to watch you! How much I will always be cheering for you! May God protect you above all, bless and guide you at every turn! I know it will be much better than you dreamed! Step onto the pitch today and give your best, I will be proudly watching you doing what you love! Good luck! Eeeeeeee It’s a very special day for us! Another Valentine’s Day together and I love you more every passing day, your smell, your kiss, I love even your faults! Everything! I tell you how much I love you everyday But I’ll say it again! I love you, you make me very happy and I wish much love and much happiness for us!


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hahaha… how cute!